Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB

In this lab, I will create a simple table in Amazon DynamoDB to store information about a music Libary. Creating a New Table Creating a new table in done in the DynamoDB service. I then create a table based on the lab requirements Adding and Modifying Table Data In this part, I will be adding data to the table as per the lab. I then had [...]


Billing in AWS

Today I have gone through the process of setting up my AWS with billing notifications, I have set it up in a way so when my balance goes over 0.01 USD I will receive and email that will let me know I have now used all of my remaining credits in AWS, or my free tier has expired. First I had to create a bucket for my reports to be stored [...]

Linux Journey

Why I Prefer Linux Over Windows

VMware Lab

VMware Lab 23: Using vSphere Update Manager

Linux Journey

Wireless Card Issue Resolved!