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Lab 7: Using Elastic IPs

To do this we first start in Elastic IP’s in the AWS EC2 Dashboard, Then go and allocate a new address. Now once it’s given me an IP address I can then go and Associate address. I then choose my Webserver. Now I have the IP address linked to my Webserver I should be able to use that IP address to link me to my Webserver. So [...]

Dinstore Build

Lab 6: Creating and Using AMIs

I start off by creating images of my Webserver and my Queue server. Webserver: Queue server: Now I just need to wait for the images to be created, I can monitor the progress in the AMI menu. Now that they have finished I can launch them, I will start with the Webserver. I set it up with the same group as the master Webserver. When I was [...]


AWS IoT Button Setup (Dash)

Hi! In this blog, I will be playing with the Amazon IoT Button, let’s get going. So the first step I have to go to the AWS website and follow a Lambda Blue Print Wizard I then enter in the IoT Type and the Device Serial Number and download the keys for this device. After that, I can log into the hotspot the device made and [...]


Introduction to AWS CloudFormation

In this lab I will learn what CloudFormation does and how it works, I want to learn this as I am already running my own website and it has Stacks created already and I want to know how to use them. Create a Stack I will now create a stack using an AWS Template. I then choose a WordPress blog template I now need to enter in the details [...]

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